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An Old Church Planting New Ones

01. July 2006

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First RP Church of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, Mass.

Presbytery: Atlantic

Organization Date: July 9, 1895

Membership: 86 communicant, 29 baptized

Pastor: Christian Adjemian


Our History

When a family of Irish Reformed Presbyterians arrived in Boston, Mass., their plan was not to linger, but to join friends in the farmlands of Illinois. However, finances forced them to settle in Boston, and four years later, in 1854, the First Boston Reformed Presbyterian Church was born.

Forty years later, after the formation of the Second Boston RPC, a small group of First Boston RPC members began a mission church in Cambridge. Twice the growing group petitioned the New York Presbytery for organization as a congregation, and twice they were rejected. They took the unusual step of appealing to Synod, where it was decided by a nearly unanimous vote to form the Cambridge congregation, making them the only RPCNA congregation started by an act of Synod. On July 9, 1895, the First RPC of Cambridge enrolled its first 17 members. The next year, they built the building on Antrim Street that is still used today.

Our ...

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