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‘A Very Vocal but Simple Publication’

06. May 2015

Columns, Gentle Reformation,

  —James Faris

In 1979, Dr. J.G. Vos wrote: “When I returned from missionary service in the Far East in 1941, I found the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America at a low level of awareness of true biblical Christianity. The leadership in some cases regarded the historic faith of the church as an outmoded and unimportant thing. Actual faith seemed to be in social reform. With our line of honorable history going back even beyond the martyr days of the Second Reformation in Scotland, it seemed a great pity to take our cue from people who [did] not believe really in redemption through the blood of Christ but in the reformation of society through various projects. The church seemed confused, frustrated, and unable to go ahead with any constructive program of any kind. After conferring with a good many men and considering and praying about it a good many times, I decided there needed to be a very vocal but simple publication to set forth the true faith of the church.”

 After waging battles reactively in the RPCNA, Dr. Vos decided to address the problems proactively. In 1946, he began Blue Banner Faith and Life, a magazine that provided a steady diet of biblical and theological instruction.  Fifty people initially subscribed. He wrote, “The first four issues of Blue Banner Faith and Life were mimeographed on a hand-cranked machine and were assembled by marching around a table in the basement of the old Hebron Church outside Idana, Kansas.” Dr. Vos then ...

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