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A Site to Help Psalm Singers

31. May 2017

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  —Drew Gordon

Perhaps the most common yearning we hear from both congregations and families is, “How can we improve our singing?” They understand the blessing of singing the Psalms a cappella, but they are not professional singers and often sing in small groups.

This is a passion of ours too. Some outside the RPCNA have said that, while other entities offer psalters, no one else supports their psalters like we do.

Something Old

That was a reason we launched many years ago. The site offered for free what, in pre-web days, used to be sold on disks and sent through the mail. You could listen to the tune for every selection in the psalter. You still can.

I’ve used when preparing to sing with my children during devotions and when preparing to preside in a worship service. Since my congregation sends out the psalm selections prior to each worship service, I’m able to listen to the tunes in advance so I’m less distracted by unfamiliar music during the service.

Some Things New

More Psalters. At first this tune library was only available for The Book of Psalms for Singing (red book). Then it was made available for the Trinity Psalter. When The Book of Psalms for Worship was published, and then the ARP Psalter, those libraries were added to Now there is also a tune library to help Baptists get accustomed to the ...

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