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A Peg in His Holy Place

24. May 2017

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  —Gordon Keddie

Now for a little while grace has been shown from the Lord our God… to give us a peg in His holy place (Ezra 9:8).

It once fell to me to read Ezra’s wonderful prayer in a worship service at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia, Pa.). Afterwards, my apologetics professor, Cornelius Van Til, approached me, thanked me for reading the passage so expressively, and drew attention to the words, “a peg in His holy place.”

He quoted the Dutch version—“een nagel…in Zijn heilige plaats”—repeating the words “een nagel” (a nail), pointing out that this referred to just one of the many nails or pegs that held up the curtain around the tabernacle in Israel’s Sinai wanderings. With tears in his eyes he added that, while we do not deserve even one little nail in God’s house, this tiny thing is emblematic of God’s abounding love for us sinners who are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

What struck me was the warmth and simplicity of this eminent professor, one better known for his hard-hitting controversial writings. He understood that we are “scarcely saved” and are debtors to the unmerited grace of God in Christ (1 Pet. 4:18). When we know ourselves as God knows us, we have every reason to be full of gratitude for His abounding grace! It is free and it is undeserved.

Somebody, so it is said, once commended Clement Attlee to Winston Churchill. Attlee was deputy prime minister to Churchill ...

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