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A Happy Anniversary

01. October 2013

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Location: Fulton, N.Y.

Organized: 1994

Presbytery: St. Lawrence

Members: 23 communicant; 19 baptized

Pastor: Nicholas Iamaio


Next year will mark the congregation’s 20th anniversary. Fulton RPC began as a Bible study at the residence of Richard and Carolyn House. The Bible study went on for several years, since the Oswego RPC Session believed that Fulton would become her first daughter church. Nick Iamaio, a member at Oswego RPC, was called by the congregation as an associate pastor. Within a year’s time he became the pastor of the new congregation in Fulton.

The congregation met for worship in a Methodist church building and later rented a Pentecostal church building where they met for worship, Sabbath school class and theology class. Then the Lord gave an opportunity to purchase a building in the heart of downtown Fulton directly across from the post office. Many use the church parking lot to handle their mailing responsibilities, which raises awareness that the Fulton RPC is established here.

Our church experienced some trying times when a ruling elder left the faith. Later some original members left the church as well. In spite of difficult struggles, Fulton RPC was sustained by God’s persevering grace. We give thanks for those faithful charter members who have kept the faith and ...

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