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A Dire Necessity

01. March 2016

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  —Yusuke Hirata

Not just in the Japanese RP Church, but in many churches in Japan and other countries, Christians are dismayed that young people are leaving their churches. Sometimes people say this is inevitable because the younger generation has a different culture, values, and lifestyle. However, we need to consider how we are discipling people in church and passing on our faith to the next generation.

In this postmodern world, young people are bombarded with information and often try to satisfy themselves with everything they can get. They are surrounded by diverse values and cultures. They are seeking the truth but can’t easily find it. Even young people in the church can get lost in this complex information society.

Japan’s youth are under pressure. In 2014, 25,000 Japanese people took their own lives—about 70 suicides per day. Suicide was the leading cause of death for those aged 15–39. A study by Japan’s Cabinet office found that of the 18,000 child suicides from 1972–2013, a disproportionate number occurred on Sept. 1, at the beginning of the school year (courtesy of BBC News and Newsweek).

Getting true knowledge from the Word of God is the only solution for young people. They need to experience the true joy granted only from our triune God. In order to help young people, more mature Christians must demonstrate joy granted from the Lord in their own lives. We must ask, Are we truly finding our delight in the law of the Lord? ...

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