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A Church Among the Unchurched

11. October 2008

Columns, Congregation of the Month,


Kita-Suzurandai RP Mission Station

Location: Kobe, Japan

Presbytery: Japan

Membership: 20 communicants; 2 baptized

Pastor (domestic missionary of the presbytery): Rev. Katsunori Endo


In October 1976, a Wednesday prayer meeting was launched at the home of the Matsuzonos, members of Higashi-Suma RPC who then lived in the Kita-Suzurandai area. Pastor Bill Sterrett and Pastor Nobuo Miwa were dispatched to the endeavor.

Eleven years later, Pastor and Mrs. William Sterrett and their family moved to the Kita-Suzurandai area, and the Lord’s Day worship started at their apartment.

The current church property and building were purchased by the RP mission in 1980. In 1996, the Japan Presbytery was established. The following year, the Sterretts left Japan for Cyprus. (See Mrs. Kalli Sterrett’s article in the August issue of the Witness.)

In January 2004, Mr. Katsunori Endo and his family returned from studies at the RP Seminary in Pittsburgh, Pa. and the internship at Ballyclabber (Coleraine), Northern Ireland. They lived in the church building while Mr. Endo assumed his role as the licentiate-at-residence through preaching regularly at Kita-Suzurandai Mission Station. The next year, Mr. Endo was ordained as a teaching elder and installed as the domestic missionary (pastor) to Kita-Suzurandai. A month ago, the Endos started to rent ...

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