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A Brand New Congregation

08. December 2005

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Congregation:Messiah’s Church

Organization Date:October 14, 2005, newest congregation in the RPCNA

Location:North Syracuse, N.Y.

Membership:29 communicant, 18 baptized.

Pastor:Brian Coombs (wife Dorian; children Anna, Elise, and Crispin)


Who We Are

As Messiah’s Church, we are drawn by the grace of God and are earnest for the glory of God. We worship, pray, study, serve, and fellowship together. We grieve and rejoice with each other. We gather for meals, walks, conversations, concerts, plays, and projects with each other throughout the week, too. Then there are the hiking trips, game nights, parties, and breakfasts. In recent years, we have been blessed to welcome Korean students attending Syracuse University. Some have come to faith and united with us while here.

How We Began

Although we are the most recently organized congregation in the RPCNA, our life together began in 1995 as a Sunday evening Bible study fellowship. Most participants were members of the Syracuse RPC who lived in the northern suburbs and were responsive to that congregation’s interest to see another congregation form. Brian Coombs, a northern suburb native and seminary student at RPTS, interned that summer with Pastor Ken Smith and was able to ...

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