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A Bird’s-Eye View

07. August 2017

Features, Testimonies,

  —David McCune

Editor’s note: Barb McCune’s testimony appeared in the May/June issue.

I have now lived more than half of my life in the United States. My earlier years were lived mostly in Ireland, the place of my birth, with some four years spent in England before emigrating to the U.S. in 1988.

During my early childhood years, many good patterns of family life in a pastor’s family were forged and were etched in my memory. It is clear, as I have observed some of the legacy left by my parents and by my grandparents (whom I never knew), that those family patterns were established long ago and have been perpetuated through several generations.

The importance of family worship in our lives has been impressed upon me. Even in my father’s later years, after he was widowed, when I spent time with him, his daily routine would include worship before we retired for the night. God has given me great reason to be thankful for His tender mercies and His promises to our family today. I have learned to follow this example in my own family experience. The desire is given freely by His mercy, but I need to foster habits and practices that will enable its continuance into the next generation.

We have lived in central New York for the last 16 years, during which we have been members of Messiah’s Church RPC, where I serve as a ruling elder. Our church had a time of healthy growth to begin with but, more recently, we have experienced some rougher times, ...

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