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Congregation of the Month, Feb. 2011

01. February 2011

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Location: Mukonoso, Amagasaki, Japan

Presbytery: Japan

Organization: 1990

Members: 22 baptized; 16 communicant

Pastor: Hiroyuki Kanamori, installed 2001

Mukonoso RPC began as a mission station by Rev. and Mrs. Gene Spear in 1978. This was after they left their first church, Okamoto Covenant RP Church, with the installation of Pastor Shigeru Takiura. At that time some members of Okamoto Covenant Church came with the Spears to Mukonoso to help in church planting. Sabbath school was one of the ways the church grew. Also many young seekers came to the church and were exposed to the gospel. In the fullness of time, more than 30 people came to worship God.

In 1990, the church became established with the installation of Rev. Spear as pastor and Mr. Norihide Komuro as an elder. In 1995 Mr. Yoichiro Fukuya was also installed as an elder. In June 2001 Rev. and Mrs. Spear retired and returned to the U.S. after 46 years of faithful work in Japan. That October, Hiroyuki Kanamori was installed as a pastor of Mukonoso RP Church. We now have one teaching elder and one ruling elder, Mr. Yoichiro Fukuya, but no deacons.

Our evangelistic work is like pushing a curtain. You do not sense much concrete reaction. It is very sad that you do not see any positive reaction to the gospel. The Japanese are culturally and religiously very different from Western people. Nevertheless, these differences ...

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