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100 Years Later, There’s Mission Work to Do

03. October 2005

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Los Angeles RP Church

Location:Los Angeles, Calif.

Presbytery:Pacific Coast

Organization Date:Mar. 11, 1904

Membership:66, communicant and baptized

Pastor:Ken Orr



Our History

In 1894, Rev. J. Milligan Wylie, pastor of the Denver, Colo., RPC, took an exploratory trip to California and made the suggestion that a mission work could be organized in Los Angeles. In 1903, Synod issued $200 to explore the field in Southern California.

On Mar. 11, 1904, the commission of Colorado Presbytery met to organize the First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles with 27 members.

In the late 1970s, efforts to evangelize in the immediate neighborhood of the church were hampered by the influx of Spanish-speaking people, who were either established Roman Catholics or didn’t speak English.

In 1986-87, a program called “English as a Second Language” was started as an effort to penetrate the Hispanic community. Out of this program the church became acquainted with Raul Sanchez, who was hired to begin a part-time ministry among Spanish-speaking people in the neighborhood. Within a few years, about 13 Spanish-speaking adults and four ...

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